Solar powered egg production

The first fully automatic, solar-powered lighting system for pasture-raised poultry

The new Henlight lighting system is a mobile, solar-powered solution that provides critical extra hours of light to help stabilize seasonal lay rates, improving the ability of pasture-raised poultry farmers to provide more consistent eggs year round, while running a the most humane form of poultry operation.

Henlight systems have been vetted by Animal Welfare Approved, veterinarians, poultry scientists, and farmers. Farmers using Henlight have recorded 20% increases in lay rate during the winter months, gaining a return on investment in just one season!

The difference between successful and barely successful is supplemental lighting, and Henlight provides the best product out there.
— Dan, Islote Farms, Woodland, CA
I know the Henlight will be working constantly...16 hours of light, automatically, without me having to make changes. I converted all my houses.
— Jessica, 2 Rock Natural Pastures, Petaluma, CA
Our Henlight was so easy to set up and install, and so durable in the harsh elements we have out here on the coast.
— John B., Salmon Creek Ranch, Bodega Bay, CA
We have personally seen a 15- to 25 percent increase in egg production with the Henlight.
— Lisa P., Chicken Chick, Christmas, FL

Solar Powered Egg Production is Here