The Backyarder: Full Lighting System

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The Backyarder-Henlight Plug-In System.png
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The Backyarder: Full Lighting System


The Backyarder

Plug-In System for Smaller, Backyard Coops

Our newest product, The Backyarder, a the same great quality you expect from Henlight, but instead of solar and battery powered, it runs off a standard outlet, offering backyard chicken hobbyist and small scale farmers a lower-cost option with the flexibility of lighting to fit your specific coop size. It includes:

  • Intelligent timer means set it and forget it

  • Control unit with easy to use functions

  • Light-increaser mimics sunlight, rising up over 30 minutes

  • Poultry-specific LED

  • 3W solar panel to power the sun tracking timer

  • AC charging capability so it never needs a battery

  • Adjustable brightness levels allow for semi-custom lighting, making it perfect for coops between 128 square feet and 16 square feet.

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We are proud to introduce THE BACKYARDER: Henlight Plug-in System, which is designed for those farmers who want a lighting system that runs off of AC power instead of solar. The Henlight Plug-In System comes with an AC power cord that needs to be plugged into a standard 120V power source at all times, as it does not come with a battery. The system can’t be moved around the field (unless you have a very, very long extension cord), and it will cost you the electricity needed to run it, but it does provide some farmers with a lower-cost system for some coops.

Here’s some of the key functionality and components that make Henlight work:

  • No Battery Necessary: All the charging comes from the grid via an AC plug-in

  • 3W Solar Panel: Instead of 45W solar panel: We still use a very small solar panel, about the size of a credit card, in order to run the intelligent timer by detecting sunrise and sunset.

  • Intelligent timer: The #1 feature for most of our customers is the timer, which automatically adjusts on a daily basis to provide the exact amount of supplementary light every day of the year, with no manual adjustments required. It uses the solar panel as a photo-sensor to detect dawn and dusk, and then calculates the appropriate amount of light. This means you can take a Henlight out of the box in anywhere in the world, any day of year, turn it on and it will just work.

  • Detached LED light: The LED light is now a separate component with its own adjustable mounting bracket, making it extremely easy to mount the LED light overhead or in tight corners with ease. The new light enclosure is made of aluminum for better heat transfer, with a glass lens cover for maximum optical transmission. The unit is sealed with a gasket to make it dust- and water-resistant (certified to IP65 specifications), and has a long, 10’ cable so you can mount the light and the control unit exactly where you want them.

  • Poultry-specific LEDs: We use our proprietary combination of red and soft white LEDs to provide the optimal color wavelengths for egg-laying hens. We based our color specifications on the scientific literature (for example, see these articles), and have proven their efficacy in the field. While the light may not seem as bright as other lights you may see, be aware that the majority of the illumination is in the red spectrum, much of which is invisible to humans—but is visible to poultry. The soft red light comes on in the morning, before dawn, slowly brightening over 30 minutes to mimic the natural sunrise.

  • AC charging: No solar system can have 100% uptime, and despite our 10Ah battery and high-power solar panel, some farms may see a few days with so little solar resource that they may want to supplement the solar charging with AC charging. New to the 2016 redesign is the ability to connect the Henlight to a standard 120V power source with our optional AC power supply. This new feature gives you the ability to totally remove the need for a battery.

  • Power Adjustment Switch: Allow your Henlight to cover different areas by changing the power levels. The settings are pre-set to give you three options for how much area you want to cover, from 128 square feet at its highest power to 16 square feet at is lowest. Adjust it to fit your specific coop!

Henlight Quality Guarantee
The Henlight team spends a lot of time ensuring our products are built with high quality materials so they remain durable, functional, and effective on your farm. We stand by that promise and vow to give you your money back for any flaws in the product. Our goal is to help you get the most out of your farm, and promise to deliver a product and service that reflects that.

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