Welcome to the home of sustainable, humane lighting for hens

With the short days here, there is no better time to learn how Henlight lighting solutions can help your hens make their way into Spring happy and productive. We have worked with leading vets and poultry researchers to ensure our lighting doesn't harm the birds, and our system has been approved on farms approved by Animal Welfare Approved and reviewed by the Chicken Whisper Magazine's own Lisa Pedro. 

Henlight has been tested with real flocks on real farms

Henlight results in the field.

Just a few hours of extra light from a Henlight system can help your flock maintain more consistent year-round egg production--in fact, we see farmers with increases of up to 25% with our systems, gaining an ROI in just one season of use.  You can see the data from one of our farmer test partners in the Capay Valley, California. This farmer provides produce and eggs to some of the top restaurants in the state!