Tax Exemption for California Farmers

If you are a farmer producing eggs in California, you are eligible for a tax exemption on these Henlight Lighting Systems. Please follow the three steps below to ensure we can refund your tax payment to Henlight (average $36 USD per Henlight Lighting System at 8% sales tax)

Step 1: Read

Click the to read the following document and ensure you understand the tax exemption:

Farm Bureau Federation-Tax Saving Documents

Step 2: Fill

After reading the above document, download, fill, and sign the document linked below. Henlight has already pre-filled the contact information for us, and listed the machinery being purchased:

Certificate of Exemption

Send 3: Send

Send the completed and signed Certificate of Exemption to the Henlight team as an attachment using the following email:


Mail the completed and signed Certificate of Exemption to the following address:

Edward Silva

1777 E. 30th Avenue

Eugene, OR 97405

After completing these easy steps, Henlight will verify you quality, and if so, send a refund for your tax payment. Make sure to keep a copy of the form for your own tax purposes.